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Ginkhana Gin came about after David Lawson, a keen horseman, realised there were no gins on the market that captured the excitement, the spectacle, the taste and aromas of Equestrian competition and life around these majestic animals.
With advice and support from expert distillers, he had soon perfected a recipe that truly reflected his passion in just a few short weeks.
Combining a unique set of botanicals along with fresh water from the clear Highland springs, he created a Scottish Gin that delivers the flavour and aroma of a summer meadow with hints of sweet crisp apple and fresh mint.


Ginkhana RELAUNCH!

New and Improved

We have secured new investors and partnered with a local distiller to relaunch Ginkhana with a new and improved recipe - this has been 12 months of hard work!  Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to know when the new batch comes off the still!

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07506 193698


07506 193698

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